Bar Fridges Perth is a Western Australian based family company.

Our company was founded over 10 years ago with the ambition of creating a Bar Fridge Store that would be widely accessible across Perth to fulfil the needs of family homes and businesses.

Our journey began when our owner Martin Long one day decided he wanted to buy a double glass door fridge for his Alfresco area. Martin struggled to find a suitable outdoor fridge for the upcoming summer and so, the idea of Bar Fridges Perth was born.

He researched fridges suitable for Perth’s summer climate conditions and found that harsh summers could drive normal indoor fridges left outside into despair after one Perth summer. After in-depth research of the best outdoor glass fridges available worldwide he found a suitable fridge brand to begin his company with.

He purchased a container of black Beerkool 2 glass door Alfresco fridges. He fulfilled his own need and went on to fulfil that of others in Perth. 6 weeks later, the entire shipment was sold and Bar Fridges Perth became a known bar fridge supplier in the area.

Our Company now supplies the Beerkool range of Alfresco fridges and the Norsk & Thermocool range of fridges and freezers to homes and businesses across Perth.

Bar Fridges Perth supply a wide range of products to customers such as:

Residential Homes

Cafes & Lunch Bars

Convenience Stores




Hotels & Restaurants

Bars & Hospitality Venues


Public & Private

Age Care

Including Retirement Homes

Bar Fridges Perth now has over 10 years of experience in providing high quality energy efficient fridges at competitive prices with options for all.

Our Philosophy

Is to provide cost effective products, specifically designed to meet your individual requirements.