Bar Fridge Maintenance

Whether your bar fridge is used for commercial or domestic use, it requires maintenance – like any high performing appliance. Bar fridges operate 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can imagine how the build-up of dust, dirt and debris can harmfully affect your fridges performance. We recommend regularly cleaning your fridge and doing so by carrying out our approved, easy clean routine, that will prevent your fridge from underperforming.

Step 1

Clean the fridge’s coils, evaporator and condenser. A common issue that occurs upon the coils of bar fridges is that of cobwebs, dust and dirt presenting themselves on the coils. Essentially blocking the smooth flow of temperature exchange that your fridge requires to keep your fridges contents cool. Appreciating that this is the fridges main source of temperature regulation, it is imperative that this is maintained to a high level. An easy way to remove this unwanted covering is to remove the appliance from its power source, vacuum the coils and if required, gently brush the coils with a soft brush. Following this, your fridge will be free to regulate temperature with ease – meaning perfectly chilled contents are at your disposal.

Step 2

Clean the door seals of your fridge regularly. The best practice approach that we advise all customers to exercise is using an old toothbrush or cotton buds with a weak vinegar to water solution. We recommend for every 4 ounces of water, 1 ounce of vinegar. Upon mixing the solution and grabbing your old toothbrush, begin to scrub the door seals deep within the groves – removing all dirt, debris and other unwanted particles from the seal. Over time, door seals can become worn and less effective. If this is the case with your appliance, contact our team immediately and we will advise you on the next best step to get your fridge running optimally again.

Why fridge door seals are important

Fridge door seals are essentially the glue that upholds the cold within your appliance. They act as the dividing component between the internal and exterior of your fridge – areas with highly varying temperatures. Worn fridge seals can result in temperature loss, forcing your appliance to work harder to try to maintain the optimal temperature, which in some cases becomes impossible. Concerned about your fridges door seal standard?

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Step 3

Ensuring the interior of your bar fridge appliance is cleaned regularly with soapy water. This will prevent the fridges system from picking up dirt, debris and in some cases mould, flowing it through the fridges cooling system. This can be detrimental to the fridges operating system and so, avoiding this with a regular and speedy clean is crucial.

Step 4

Our No.1 maintenance preventative tip: Keep your Fridge Full!

Like all fridges, bar fridge appliances work best when they are at all full capacity. Fridges operate on the basis of temperature regulation and maintain a cool setting. Picture each product within your fridge as another cooling mechanism once they have become chilled. Essentially, they begin to release a cool temperature which is spread around the fridge. When opening the fridge door and removing a product, it not only releases some of this cool air, but the fridge then has to work harder to fill the empty space with cooler air. The emptier the fridge, the longer re-cooling period is required. We understand that maintaining a full fridge all of the time may be hard and unrealistic, but when possible, we advise our customers to do so. It will not only help to reduce your energy costs, but it will ask a lot less of your fridge’s cooling system – resulting in a longer life-span.

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The Bar Fridges Perth Team

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