Do We Have a Bar Fridge Suitable for Your Home?

It is no surprise that there has been a massive jump in home held parties over the past year.

People have realised it is just as easy to create your own party at home at a cheaper cost! As a nation we are leading towards more home gatherings, but to have a successful party you need to have the correct appliance to ensure great tasting beer – a Bar Fridge.

As the popularity of Bar Fridges across Australia rises, a common question we receive is “Do you have a Bar Fridge suited to our requirements? Absolutely!

Our wide range of Bar Fridge sizes and designs ensure we have an option just for you. Many customers ask:

  1. Where would I place a Bar Fridge?
  2. What if it does not match my home’s colour and design scheme?
  3. I’m not sure if I can fit a Bar Fridge in my home?
  4. Do I really need a Bar Fridge?

Where would I place a Bar Fridge?

With varying shapes and sizes it is easy to fit your Bar Fridge in the perfect location. Whether you wish to display your Bar Fridge indoors or outdoors we have an option for you.


Many people place their Bar Fridge outdoors and use them in conjunction with Summer BBQ’s. Providing an easy access system without having to enter your house every time for a drink. Our Alfresco Fridges are made to resist the harsh Australian Summers we face and to provide ice cold beer through an energy efficient system that will not dramatically increase your bills. Choose yours now and create the ultimate BBQ experience this Summer.


Our size efficient fridges will apply a sophisticated feel to every home. Choose from our wide range of high quality brands ranging from: Beerkool, Norpole and more. Each fridge style adds character and class to any home gathering, boosting your hosting reputation to the next level.

Majority of our Bar Fridges are dual purpose fridges and can be used inside in Winter and moved outdoors for Summer.

What if it does not match my home’s colour and design theme?

Bar Fridges Perth’s extensive product range ensures we have a Bar Fridge that will suit your home perfectly. We offer Black and Stainless Steel fridges with a choice of having 1 Door, 2 Doors or 3 Doors. Each of our products are designed to blend with your homes setting subtly or add a bold colour to your outdoor area. A carefully chosen Bar Fridge can be a statement piece in any setting. Choose yours now!

I’m not sure if I can fit a Bar Fridge in my home?

Our smallest Alfresco Fridge which includes:

  • 2 shelves
  • A self closing lockable door
  • Front venting
  • Space for up to 120 cans (375ml)

Is only 600mm wide x 530mm deep x 850mm high. An ideal size to fit in any designated space in your home or patio area. This fridge, although smaller in size, compromises nothing but space. Check it out here: Beerkool Black Single Door Alfresco Fridge

Do I really need a Bar Fridge?

If you wish to have ice cold beer as if served from your local bar at home, then most definitely! Bar Fridges Perth allow you to create a bar drinking experience from your home. Reducing your night out expenses – saving you money.

Now that you know we cover every requirement in relation to Bar Fridges.

Explore our Full Product Range and find the perfect Bar Fridge for your home now.

Space Restriction

Berkool Black Single Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Built / Freestanding.
  • Self Lockable Door.
  • Front Venting.
  • Fan Cooling System.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Auto Defrost / LED Illumination.
  • Capacity: Up to 120 Cans (375ml).

Free Standing (Larger Option)

Norpole Tropical 3 Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Low E Glass Energy Efficiency.
  • Self-Lockable Doors.
  • Ambient Temperature 43°.
  • 6 Independent Shelves.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Capacity: Up to 350 Cans (375ml).

Enjoy ice cold beer served from your very own bar fridge creating a bar experience in the comfort of your own home. Our No.1 Tip for maximum Fridge Efficiency – Keep it full! A full fridge helps to maintain an overall temperature using less energy, reducing your bills.

Explore our Full Range of Bar Fridges now.

Stay Safe – The Bar Fridges Perth Team.