Do I Need A Special Fridge For Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like a cool beer on a hot day. You’re outside enjoying yourself, the barbies blazing, and right beside your chair is a fridge keeping everything cool. Sounds like heaven.

But, do you need a special fridge for the outdoors? Or can you just drag your kitchen fridge out onto your patio? Well, indoor fridges and outdoor fridges are completely different appliances, with their own sets of skills and limitations in function.

Indoor Fridge vs Outdoor Fridge

Are you ready to discover the difference between the two?

So, effectively both appliances have the same goals. To keep whatever is inside cool but they have a few differences that make them perfect for their individual jobs.

The indoor fridge is made for the stable temperature and environment of a home. All this piece of equipment needs to worry about is keeping its fan going and keeping things cool.

The outdoor fridge is like a suped-up version of the indoor fridge. It can withstand insane summer sun heat, it’s protected from rusting should it take a battering from a rainstorm. All while still keeping a pretty even cooling temperature on the inside.

Outdoor fridges are also made specifically for facing the elements so they are much safer. We all know water and electricity do not work well together, outdoor fridges are designed with this potential risk in mind. You’ll also want to ensure you have the correct waterproof sockets and safe electricity supply available for your unit but Bar Fridges Perth can give you all the advice you need to set up your outdoor fridge safely.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing an outdoor refrigerator:

  • Ensure you purchase a fridge to handle your climate and temperature zone. Some fridges only have an ambient rating of 32° which means they wont work in a hot area on a hot day.
  • Alfresco Fridges are classed as Commercial fridges, so they have a higher noise level than your domestic kitchen fridge. Check that the fridge you choose isn’t too noisy for your area.
  • Fluctuating temperatures will make your fridge work harder, increasing the cost of running. So choosing a cool, shady spot that has a fairly even temperature is a good decision. 
  • Even though an outdoor refrigerator is designed to withstand the elements you will want to make sure it’s positioned in a well-protected area. As much as it can take a battering from the rain and can work while still in direct sunlight you’ll want to keep it somewhere sheltered. 
  • This allows your outdoor refrigerator to work for a long time – meaning your money goes that little bit further.

So, if you are ready to take your outdoor entertaining area to the next level an outdoor fridge could be the best thing you’ve ever purchased. 

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