The Benefits of an Outdoor Bar Fridge

Appreciating the outdoors through outdoor dining has become a staple in Australian society. With tropical weather, cool summer breezes and clear Aussie skies this is no surprise. Outdoor entertainment areas enable these occurrences in homes wide scale. But when designing and creating an outdoor space, it is essential to consider what you plan to do while enjoying your time outside. With thirst generating temperatures cravings for an ice cold beverage never fail to appear!

Outdoor Bar Fridges give every outdoor area that finishing and supporting touch to create the perfect outdoor dining experience for both you, and your guests.

Why an Outdoor Bar Fridge?

Establishing an outdoor beverage cooling facility has quickly ventured away from water soaked ice buckets – melted in minutes from the Australian Sun. Now we turn to outdoor bar fridges that are built for alfresco usage and that are built to last through harsh weather conditions. Imagine placing a normal fridge outside on a temperature booming summer day. It would be pretty obvious within minutes that the fridge would begin to fail and eventually stop. Our Outdoor Bar Fridges not only operate efficiently in extreme heat, but are also designed to carefully chill your favourite beverages to an optimum consumption temperature.


Each bar fridge we supply has been innovated to perform in high temperature environments with no compromise on performance internally. Stainless Steel interiors with coated exteriors ensure easy to clean appliances with minimal maintenance procedures year-round. We understand that when you’re busy having a good time, the last thing you want to do is have to perform maintenance on your bar fridge. Thus, we supply hassle-free appliances – enabling only the best benefits on your end!

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Take one of our best sellers.

The Norpole Tropical 43′ Rated Black Two Door Alfresco Fridge 900mm wide Low E Glass.

This Sleek Twin Door Alfresco Fridge operates through a powerful and efficient Embraco Compressor up to an ambient temperature of 43°C. Hosts up to 240 cans and offers two adjustable shelves. Buy now and receive a 2 Year Warranty.


Durability is key with all appliances, with none more so than an outdoor bar fridge. These fridge types are exposed to an array of harmful variabilities that would essentially end the life of a normal fridge. Outdoor Bar Fridges are built to last. With tough protecting exteriors, powerful compressors and fan cooling systems. Our bar fridge range offers the most elite engineered bar fridge appliances on the market – at an affordable rate. Buying an outdoor bar fridge that will last years to come will not only reduce the hassle of another purchase, but it also offers a premium feel from day one.

Take one of our Stainless Steel options.

Norpole 138ltr Tropical Stainless Steel Single Glass Door Alfresco Fridge 600mm Low E Glass

This Space Saving Alfresco Fridge is made from High Grade Stainless Steel with an ambient temperature of 43°C and hosts of up to 140 Cans.

Choose your Location

Whether you choose a built-in or freestanding outdoor bar fridge. Your chosen location will have an impact on both the fridge’s performance and the aesthetics of your setting. We advise placing your outdoor fridge under cover to avoid harmful direct sun encounters. We also recommend considering where the fridge is ventilated from (front or back) – keeping this location free as air intake is vital.

For BBQ’s, Outdoor Dining, Summer Soirées, or even a chill afternoon in your outdoor area. A Sleek Outdoor Bar Fridge that hosts chilled beverages will inevitably promote your experience.

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Space Restriction

Berkool Black Single Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Built / Freestanding.
  • Self Lockable Door.
  • Front Venting.
  • Fan Cooling System.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Auto Defrost / LED Illumination.
  • Capacity: Up to 120 Cans (375ml).

Free Standing (Larger Option)

Norpole Tropical 3 Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Low E Glass Energy Efficiency.
  • Self-Lockable Doors.
  • Ambient Temperature 43°.
  • 6 Independent Shelves.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Capacity: Up to 350 Cans (375ml).

Enjoy ice cold beer served from your very own bar fridge creating a bar experience in the comfort of your own home. Our No.1 Tip for maximum Fridge Efficiency – Keep it full! A full fridge helps to maintain an overall temperature using less energy, reducing your bills.

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