Things to Consider When Buying a Bar Fridge

In order for a business to operate successfully, they must first acquire suitable, durable and fit for purpose tools and appliances. In this instance we are talking about commercial bar fridge appliances. It is expected at an absolute minimum by customers to receive ice cold beverages that quench their thirst. However, finding a consistent appliance that maintains a high level of performance can prove more difficult than expected and often, the poor operational qualities of the appliance become apparent just a couple of months post-purchase. We understand this frustration, we also understand bar fridges and the key considerations that must be made before purchasing a bar fridge.

What should be considered when choosing a bar fridge?

Commercial refrigeration appliances are recognised as a long-term investment, when the correct fridge is chosen of course. Along with the investment, the bar fridge that you choose will also directly affect the quality of your products. We are here to ensure you choose the perfect bar fridge for your business.

Bar Fridge Styles

With an abundance of bar fridge styles, choosing the correct appliance can be difficult. With varying factors to be considered, the most important aspect remains at the core of your business, your product offering. In instances where beverages must be placed in sight of your customers to encourage sales in environments such as stores, cafes and restaurants, we recommend display fridges. Our Display Fridge Range allows both storage and showcasing to occur simultaneously.

For commercial kitchen environments where the sole purpose of the appliance is storage only, we recommend a solid door fridge model. Solid bar door fridges provide the highest level of temperature regulation and run at optimal levels – more consistently. Explore our range of Upright Solid Door Fridges that are suitable to be placed under kitchen counters – enabling minimal space usage.


It is important to invest in a reliable commercial refrigeration system. Your business’s service quality will depend on the reliability of your appliance. When shopping for refrigerators you should look for reliable and trusted brands. Investing in reliable brands will lower the risk of equipment failure which also causes the businesses productivity to lack.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial bar refrigerators can come with a high running cost. Thus, it is incredibly important to invest in a bar fridge appliance that you can afford to run. Consider the energy usage of the appliance that you are investing in. Invest in appliances that come with low energy usage and Low E Glass. We take pride in offering energy efficient bar fridges that maintain low running costs while maximising efficiency for the business.

For more, explore our Bar Fridge Range

Space Restriction

Berkool Black Single Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Built / Freestanding.
  • Self Lockable Door.
  • Front Venting.
  • Fan Cooling System.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Auto Defrost / LED Illumination.
  • Capacity: Up to 120 Cans (375ml).

Free Standing (Larger Option)

Norpole Tropical 3 Door Alfresco Fridge

  • Low E Glass Energy Efficiency.
  • Self-Lockable Doors.
  • Ambient Temperature 43°.
  • 6 Independent Shelves.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Capacity: Up to 350 Cans (375ml).

Enjoy ice cold beer served from your very own bar fridge creating a bar experience in the comfort of your own home. Our No.1 Tip for maximum Fridge Efficiency – Keep it full! A full fridge helps to maintain an overall temperature using less energy, reducing your bills.

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Stay Safe – The Bar Fridges Perth Team.