Why You Need a Bar Fridge

Often people pose the question “What is the difference between a bar fridge and a general kitchen fridge?”

Well aside from the aesthetically pleasing factor and the proud moments you encounter as your friends and family compliment your new bar fridge as they enter your home, they do in fact hold the perfect temperature for beer, spirits and wine.

As opposed to a generic kitchen fridge meeting an average temperature requirement to suit all refrigerated products. For example, storing cheese, milk and beer in the same fridge leaves one of these products below or above their optimum temperature. We pride ourselves in creating the perfect display and storage solution for your beer and wine at home!

Here is why we believe a bar fridge is becoming an essential appliance for every home across Australia:

1: Bar Fridges add character to your home.

A bar fridge is a multi-functioning appliance. Obviously, the essence of a bar fridge is to store your alcoholic beverages in the perfect cooling temperature – ready for consumption. As well as this, bar fridges have now become a statement piece, offering an opulent appeal to every home. They are also a statement that you are serious about your beer or wine.

Many homes across Australia now locate their new bar fridge alongside their BBQ. Picture the scene, a typically sunny Australian day, your BBQ is in full swing with family and friends and you reach for an ice-cold beer from your newly purchased bar fridge, life is good.

2: Bar fridges have now become a trending home appliance.

The reduction in people going out to drink has led to an increase in home drinking. A bar fridge was once a rare appliance to find in a home but over the last 5-10 years people have opened a new world of home gatherings, soiree’s and BBQ’s.

3: 2020 has seen once again, a rise in health-conscious people across the world.

A healthy fridge leads to a healthy diet. Make your life choices easier, separate your fresh food from alcohol and reduce your temptation throughout the day. It avoids contamination of fresh and open foods touching alcohol bottles and packaging that may impact on your foods freshness. Separate and feel great!

4: Better Tasting Beer.

As already stated, the temperature of beer differs from that of fresh foods stored in your kitchen fridge. The optimum temperature to serve beer is at 4 Degrees Celsius. This temperature produces a cold and crisp taste from each beer bottle consumed.

In addition to the taste of beer being heightened by the perfect temperature, the activity of opening a full bar fridge filled with your favourite beer is satisfying, nonetheless. This creates satisfaction at every step of the beer drinking process – all while in the comfort of your own home.

**Another interesting factor about beer being stored in your kitchen fridge is that majority of people store their beer on the fridge door, which is in fact the warmest part of your fridge!

Warm beer? No thanks!

5: Make your bar fridge efficient.

Fill your fridge to capacity! A full bar fridge is the most efficient way to reduce electrical consumption. Beer passes on the coolness across the entire fridge and holds this temperature effectively. Surprisingly a half full fridge actually uses more energy to keep the temperature at the optimum, so keep your bar fridge full! Bottles of beer maintain their temperature better than cans of beer. However, cans regulate their temperature faster. Bottles are your most reliable choice, so let’s stick with them.

So there it is, your answer as to why you need a bar fridge!

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