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Will there ever be a better time to clear out your garage, set up that entertainment area that you have dreamed of, or create your own personal bar space at home?

Amidst the Coronavirus battle here in Australia, people are now looking for ways to stay entertained while spending increased time in their homes. As a nation we have been taking measures to ensure isolation where possible to reduce the spread of this virus.

Over the past week our team has been brainstorming ways to help our customers stay positive and provide tips to improve their home. We believe that good health and a great attitude are the first steps in creating a comfortable isolation period for you and your family.

Why You Need A Bar Fridge

Often people pose the question “What is the difference between a bar fridge and a general kitchen fridge?”

Well aside from the aesthetically pleasing factor and the proud moments you encounter as your friends and family compliment your new bar fridge as they enter your home, they do in fact hold the perfect temperature for beer, spirits and wine.

As opposed to a generic kitchen fridge meeting an average temperature requirement to suit all refrigerated products. For example, storing cheese, milk and beer in the same fridge leaves one of these products below or above their optimum temperature. We pride ourselves in creating the perfect display and storage solution for your beer and wine at home!